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The Dance Moves of Clarence Thomas: An Oral History

“Acting like he was bending over and picking up a handkerchief off the ground was his signature dance move.”  — Retired federal prosecutor Lillian McEwen discussing former beau and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. NY Post, April 17, 2016 “Signature dance move? Clarence Thomas? You know it was an all-boys Catholic high school, right? Maybe leaning…   READ MORE

Dear Ask a Deadhead #4 (Hillary or Bernie?)

Dear Ask a Deadhead, Hillary or Bernie? — Mandy, Sugarbush, Vt Mandy, you are not the first to ask me this question, but judging from your Facebook photos, you are the cutest. The thing about this question is, are you asking my advice? Or which candidate I’d vote for? Or whom I think is going…   READ MORE