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Dear Ask a Deadhead #4 (Hillary or Bernie?)

Dear Ask a Deadhead, Hillary or Bernie? — Mandy, Sugarbush, Vt Mandy, you are not the first to ask me this question, but judging from your Facebook photos, you are the cutest. The thing about this question is, are you asking my advice? Or which candidate I’d vote for? Or whom I think is going…   READ MORE

Dear Ask a Deadhead (A Trump Question) #3

Dear Ask a Dead, My daughter, who I’m proud to say is a second-generation tie-dyer, has a boy friend I’m going to call “Really Stupid.” He was over for dinner — or “wasting oxygen,” as my husband likes to say — and announced that he and my daughter had been to a Trump rally. I…   READ MORE

Dear Ask a Deadhead #2

Dear Ask a Deadhead, My boyfriend says tie-dye makes me look fat. But then he also likes Neil more than Jerry. Is tie-dye figure-flattering or not? And should I dump this guy? —Daisy, Madison, Wis Whoa, whoa, whoa! I like Neil, but your BF needs to get his hearing checked. Seriously, Neil has written some…   READ MORE

Dear Ask a Deadhead

Dear Ask a Deadhead, I don’t want to sound uptight, but I’m an old school member of the Church of Jerry and my problem is this: I really love Bernie Saunders and all his platforms and ideas. But he is from Vermont, if you know what I mean. — Melissa, Oak Park, IL Readers,  every…   READ MORE